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VIP Transport Company Overview

VIP Transport is a Bromley based company specialising in the transport of everything from frames, trusses and building materials to machinery, heavy freight and general freight.  We provide outstanding and competitive service for our loyal customer base, thus enabling us to evolve into one of the leading transport companies in Christchurch. 

We maintain a modern fleet of trucks and cranes, from front mounted tractor units to rear mounted eight wheeler trucks.  Our long crane reach means we are able to place your goods where-ever you would like them, whether it be in a warehouse or at the back of a section. 

Our vehicles, equipment and cranes are regularly serviced and well maintained thanks to our dedicated in-house mechanics.  Our mechanics are available around the clock to attend to any mechanical issues our drivers face while on-site or on the road, ensuring minimal time delays to your delivery. 


Our objective is to achieve a timely, reliable and hassle free delivery service for our customers.  Our truck drivers and crane operates are highly skilled and maintain a high standard of professionalism ensuring our customers receive the best service, every time.



  • Fast service

    Fast service and the ability to make any job happen

  • high quality transportation services

    Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients

  • live tracking

    The ability to ‘live track’ your delivery using logistics software

  • Wide range

    Wide range of trailers from 20ft to 40ft and a wide range of crane reach’s from 15-21 metres, enabling us to undertake any job.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge of load capacity when handling products

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